In March 2020, we were very fortunate to be visited by Grace Maher of the Irish Organic Association.  Grace was so taken back about what we do at Shanbally Farm.  This led her to put pen to paper and write a great article on Shanbally for the Farming Independent.  From Farm to Pharmacy is a great way to describe what we do here at Shanbally.  Below is a screenshot of the full article.  Our owner Noel Duggan and Head Grower Heiko Glee, look great as the sun shines over Keeper Hill in the background.

Just a snippet from the article:

Noel is from a mixed farming background that at various stages including livestock, arable and dairy.  With business interests in other areas, he saw the benefit of diversification. ‘I have an interest in medicinal herbs and it sparked the idea to turn the farm and house into a centre of excellence for herbal medicine in Ireland’, he says. ‘Four years ago we started growing some herbs, both in the walled garden and in the open fields, and it worked well’.

‘We now take the freshly grown herbs from Shanbally, process them on-site in our purpose-built laboratories, and we supply medical herbalists in Ireland, the UK and Europe.  Different techniques are used to extract the required phytochemicals from each herb, including maceration, decoction and distillation; they are then bottled here before shipping,’ says Noel.

To find out the whole story, read the below article.

From Farm to Pharmacy!!!