Shanbally Education | Introduction

Shanbally House & Gardens

Shanbally education courses provide an engaging learning experience combining classroom and practical based teaching.

Our 200-acre herb farm is the perfect setting for learning about the healing properties of plants. For example, the farm allows our tutors and speakers to bring you hands-on learning.  Therefore, we provide Practitioners and the public the opportunity to gain practical experience on the farm throughout the year.  Contact us for more information about our CPD and volunteer days.

Our education centre is located in the main courtyard and hosts  5 training rooms that can hold up to 100 people.  In order to ensure we provide a quality learning environment,  all of our classrooms are fully equipped with the most up to date audio visual equipment.   Apart from this, all Shanbally education courses include lunch depending on course length.  We specialize in a plant based food, using products grown on our farm.

Shanbally is the destination where plants and people come together for learning.

We are the prefect location to experience ‘Health through nature‘.  Our course offering is based on current health related topics around the subject of herbal medicine.  At Shanbally, we also aim to use the herbs in season on the farm as much as possible.

Shanbally education courses are designed to cater for the public with interests in natural health. As well as this, we provide continual professional development courses for all Health Practitioners. Our workshops and seminars vary from half-day to 2-day events, depending on subject being taught.

In addition to above, we are looking at working with accredited bodies to deliver certified courses.  Please contact us at for more information

Our promise is to ensure that we provide a quality oriented course programme.  Therefore, a lot of time is spent sourcing experienced Speakers both nationally and internationally.

Throughout the summer months, we will run guided herb walks and tasting sessions for day visitors.  We hope to have these scheduled on our calendar over the coming months.  In the near future, we hope to develop a schools’ programme, that will deliver  interactive learning programmes for primary, secondary and  further education schools.  For more information,  please email us at

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