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Our products are processed, pressed, bottled and packed in a filtered air environment using organic ingredients (where available).

Shanbally Herb Dispensary

Shanbally House & GardensOur commitment to quality at Shanbally Herb Dispensary: The water we use in our tinctures is from our own well here at Shanbally. Our process, involves going through 7 stages of filtration. We then use certified organic ethanol for all of our tinctures.  This includes whether the plant material is organic or not. Our quality system also incorporates GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), GACP (Good Agricultural and collection Practices) and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points).  Therefore, we aim to give our customers the confidence that we take every step to offer you the best herbal extracts.

Also, we pride ourselves on growing and harvesting a high quality of  healing plants.  We believe, that the strong energetics and healing properties of locally grown plants are a vital component of any herbal product.  This goes from making teas to tinctures. It is something we wish to offer all our herbal practitioners and the general public.

Naturally, all herbalists would love to grow and make their own tinctures.  However, time, weather and a supply of high-quality ethanol can make this process difficult. Here at Shanbally Herb Dispensary, we like to work with practitioners to provide them with tinctures they would be proud to call their own.  All our raw materials are hand grown, hand harvested and processed with care.

Fresh Or Dried Tinctures? |

We produce our 1:3 fresh tinctures to the same strength as a 1:3 dried herb tincture. In the past, this has always been an area of confusion, as various producers of fresh tinctures produce in different ways. As part of our process,we account for the cellular plant moisture. We always take this into consideration. Therefore, the amount of added purified filtered water is less. In addition, by using the fresh plant cellular water, we are adding a component that is stored by the plant. This can only be obtained in fresh tinctures. Our tinctures are produced from plants at their peak potency, processed within minutes from harvesting and macerated over a full moon cycle. We are continuously developing methods and equipment to offer you better extractions of nature’s healing plants.

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