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Shanbally House & Gardens

Shanbally Organic Farm and Estate is situated among the rolling green hills of North Tipperary.

It is composed of several diverse ecosystems with a wide range of habitats. On the high ground around the house and walled garden are hay meadows which support an array of wild flowers and herbs such as plantain.

The walled garden contains a mix of herbs, ornamental plants and vegetables. It is a show garden as well as being a working garden. We plan to build a pathway around the farm to illustrate to people the variety of plants we are growing here.  Visitors will be able to explore the gardens and learn about herbs and plants – a hidden gem within Tipperary Tourism‘s offering.

Below the house, between the highland of Shanbally and Cooldery are callow lands which partially flood during the winter creating an excellent environment for meadowsweet and wild mints.

Throughout Shanbally Farm and Estate, old hedgerows are full of Hawthorn, Damson, Slough and Elder through which Dog Roses and Honeysuckles creep and wind, providing us with blossoms and fruit. These hedgerows also provide for the local wildlife and are the bottom tier of a complex system.

Shanbally Organic Farm

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Flowing through the callows are two waterways. The main river and smaller stream fed by the large pond below Shanbally House and Estate. These waterways are full of plant and animal life providing a natural highway for fowl and mammals such as otters.

Even the large ancient trees around the house itself are ecosystems. The Sweet Chestnuts and Lime trees provide copious amounts of sweet blossom and practically come to life during the spring. The Chestnuts then provide us with fruits in the autumn.

Two small woods bordering the lower side of the pond and the small river glen are rich in Hazel and Ash providing shelter for the wildlife of Shanbally such as foxes, otters, stoats, mice, shrews and many other critters.

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