Employment opportunities at Shanbally

Shanbally Herb Dispensary is seeking to employ a Botanical Extraction Assistant to work alongside our team at Norwood, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary, Ireland. The successful candidate must possess both a focus on quality and a commitment to organisation. It is paramount that this person maintains daily documentation of all activities to ensures that health and safety protocols are followed.


Responsibilities include:

  • Setup extraction, distillation and percolation of raw materials at commercial scale
  • Preparing raw material for extraction and following the process through to bottling.
  • Manage the storage room to ensure proper levels and preservation of stock.
  • Packing and shipping of finished product
  • Following SOPs, HACCP, GMP protocol and filling out traceability documents
  • Bring any malfunctions to attention and ensure the proper functioning of the equipment
  • Ensure proper storage and cleaning and contribute to the correct functioning of the lab.


  • BS  Herbal Medicine, Chemistry or Food Science Preferred
  • 1-2 years’ experience w/ maceration, distillation and percolation of botanical material.
  • Familiarity with solvent- and solvent-less extraction and/or distillation preferred
  • Commercial experience highly preferred
  • Knowledge of HPLC and CO2 extraction a plus



At Shanbally Herb Dispensary we process medicinal plants most of which are grown on site. We use different methods to extract the necessary phytochemicals, including maceration, decoction and distillation. All our products are processed, bottled and sold from our facility in Norwood.

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