When Noel and Bridget Duggan purchased Shanbally Estate, Co. Tipperary in 2013.  The estate was originally part of Lisaniskey owned by the O’Meara’s - previously ecclesiastical family who moved into medicine in 16th and 17th century.  In the 19th century Barry O’Meara became personal physician to Napoleon. This is borne out in some old manuscripts found at Shanbally during restoration works which began at Shanbally House in 2014.

Noel and Bridget could see the land and walled garden was ideally suited to growing selected medicinal plants. They decided that Shanbally should become a “Centre of Excellence” for herbal medicine, traditional healing, folk medicine & spiritual healing. A fully operational medicinal plant growing and processing facility has been created at Shanbally producing herbal tinctures and products for herbal medicine practitioners. Shanbally House & Gardens will be complete in Spring 2019.