Common name:




Parts used:

Flowering tops



Volatile oils – containing a- and b-pinenes, borneol, bornyl acetate, camphor, salicylic acid, terpineol, thujone and many others, and including the sesquiterpene lactones. Many samples contain high concentrations of azulenes, up to about 50%, including chamazulene and guajazulene.cineol, azulene, quercetin(anti-histamine)eugenol, borneol; flavonoids (give Achillea millefolium its anti-spasmodic properties)– apigenin, luteolin, ; tannins; Sesquiterpene lactones(bitter taste); achillin, achillicin, hydroxyachillin, balchanolide, leucodin, millifin, millifolide and many others; Alkaloids – betonicine (achilleine), stachydrine, trigonelline and others;

Main actions:

Cooling Diaphoretic (hot fevers), Hemostatic, Astringent, Bitter tonic.

Other Actions:


Hypotensive, Diuretic, Anti- inflammatory, Anti-septic, Anti – microbial, Vulnerary, Peripheral vasodilator, Febrifuge and Emenogague(reduces heavy flow, eases pain and regulates)


tincture 2-4ml TDS;


Compositae allergy / contact dermatitis caused by sesquiterpenes. Avoid thujone containing varieties in pregnancy if pregnant or breast feeding.